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When you choose to sponsor Tech Council of Maryland (TCM) events, you reach a large audience of technology and life sciences influencer’s in Maryland and the surrounding region. We offer your company direct access to innovative companies that have discretionary funds for a wide array of products and services. TCM sponsorships are the perfect complement to any strategic marketing plan, as they support your other promotional efforts and help you gain awareness and also target specific audiences at a variety of events.

We are proud of the sponsorship packages that we maintain, and we are always adding new events and features to further enhance your experience with TCM. We offer comprehensive sponsorship packages that include everything from company listings, to VIP Reception invites, to the opportunity to introduce world-renowned technology and life sciences executives. Most importantly, our sponsorships give you and your staff the ability to mingle with key business decision makers, important political figures, and respected members of the academic community.

Our packages are designed with a controlled fee structure within two categories so that you can easily integrate them into your marketing budget for the year. The Tech Council puts on two categories of events for both our technology and life sciences members. Our Signature Events encompass a full range of large-scale events that cater to the majority of our members. These events provide large reach and high visibility among technology and life sciences leaders in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our Spotlight Series offers more focused events that draw targeted groups of technology and life sciences leaders. Spotlight Series events allow you to direct your dollars to special areas of interest such as finance or health IT.

Our newest sponsorship, the Signature Sponsorship, offers three options – Elite Business Partner, Life Sciences Business Partner, or Technology Business Partner. Each of these packages gives you the highest level of sponsorship benefits at all of our events or at technology or life sciences events throughout the year. Packages include everything from logo placements to complimentary event admissions to cobranded ads in Capital Business. We give you the opportunity to write a blog on our Connected Community, moderate programs, feature your company in our newsletter, and even golf at a top course in the area. We understand that marketing to potential customers takes a sustained effort with optimal reach, and our sponsorships are the perfect tools.

Make Tech Council sponsorships part of your marketing plan. It’s more than just a sponsorship. It’s a good investment in your company’s future.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Michelle Ferrone, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Operations, at mferrone@techcouncilmd.com or 240.243.4047.